Pit Boss Cast Iron BBQ Press

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SKU: 40300
  • Comfortable wood handle grip
  • Pre-seasoned, non-stick surface
  • Even heat distribution

    Enhance your cast iron collection with the Pit Boss Cast Iron Press. The Pit Boss Cast Iron Press heats evenly, quickly and offers superior heat retention. It's great for speeding up your cooking times when grilling or griddling. Use the press to press out extra grease in food or add restaurant-quality grills marks to steaks, burgers, and more. The Pit Boss Cast Iron Press features a comfortable wood handle that is easy to hold and prevents your grip from overheatingIt also comes pre-seasoned with a non-stick surface that is ready to use right out of the box. The Pit Boss Cast Iron Press is your durable, versatile, and must-have tool for your cooking collection. 

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