Country Smokers 700 Series Grill Cover

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Protect your Country Smoker with the Country Smokers Wood Pellet Grill Cover. This premium cover offers unbeatable custom-fit protection. It’s made from heavy-duty polyester that features a durable PVC backing. When your grill is not in use, simply pull on the cover to help protect your Country Smoker from sun, wind, rain, or snow damage. The full-length fit with adjustable bottom ensures top to bottom coverage.

Care for your Country Smokers Wood Pellet Grill Cover is three easy steps. Step 1. Wipe clean with a cloth and warm soapy water. Step 2. Keep leaves and debris from sitting on the cover for too long. Step 3. Repair small tears promptly. For your safety, do not use or store cover underneath grill while the grill is in use.

  • Made from heavy-duty polyester with PVC backing
  • Custom fitting
  • Top to bottom coverage
  • Easy installation
  • Offers UV protection
  • Weatherproof material

Compatible with the Country Smokers CS0711 Voyager Wood Pellet Grill