Justin Scherer
Justin Scherer

Justin Scherer

Pit Boss Nation, join us in celebrating our January 2024 Hero of the Month: SMSgt Justin Scherer!

Justin serves in the 194th Wing, Washington Air National Guard. He has served for more than 12 years and does so out of a desire to support the community he’s a part of.

Justin is said to love working with others and empowering them to perform missions, such as Operation Allies Welcome, receiving refugees from Afghanistan, fighting forest fires in Washington, and global airspace monitoring through the Western Air Defense Sector.

Something that makes this hero stand out is his commitment to the community, despite the fact that he isn’t originally from the area. According to the person who nominated him, Justin loves the community and encourages others to get out and enjoy the local trails and mountains.

Each summer, he leads guided tours to the top of mountains like Mt. Rainer and Mt. Adams. Next year, he plans to guide an entire unit at Mt. Adams.

In his free time, Justin enjoys spending time behind the grill. In fact, he is said to have brought grilling/smoking to work with him in the past.

When asked about Justin’s favorite grilling experience, they noted that it’s likely when he grilled with his boss at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia.

Justin managed to convince him that it was a great idea to put a smoker on the third-floor office fire escape. And, for six months, they smoked meat each Friday. Until the base fire marshal got wind of it and decided it wasn’t such a great idea after all.

Thank you for your service, Justin!