Bangers & Mash

Cook Time

135 Mins

Cooking Method






Prep Time

20 Mins


6 - 8


BBQ Sauce

¼ Cup Butter

3 Garlic, Cloves

1 Onion, Chopped

8 Red Potatoes, Medium

8 Sausages, Pork

½ Cup Milk

Cooking Instructions

This classic Irish Bangers and Mash recipe uses your pellet grill to deliver smoky flavors to sausage and mashed potatoes. Enjoy this rustic dish with bold, comfort food flavors. Great for any time of year, including a St. Paddy’s Day celebration.

How to Make Bangers and Mash

There’s nothing like Bangers and Mash made on a Pit Boss pellet grill. The mash potato is transformed by the smoky flavors as it, along with garlic, is grilled for 75 minutes before being mashed. Then the sausage is smoked for 1 hour as it absorbs all that wood fired flavor. Delicious!

Note: It is recommended to use Hickory Hardwood Pellets with this recipe.

  1. Using a fork, poke holes all over every red potato.
  2. Cut a whole bulb of garlic in half and set aside.
  3. Turn on your Pit Boss Grill and set on smoke. After the pellets ignite, set grill temp to 300°F.
  4. Set the halved garlic bulb and red potatoes on the grill. Cook the garlic for 30 minutes and the potatoes for 75 minutes.
  5. Turn your Pit Boss down to 250°F and allow it to settle to that temperature.
  6. Peel and mash the potatoes and garlic with butter and milk until the desired smoothness is achieved.
  7. Set the sausages on the grill and smoke for 1 hour.
  8. Sauté sliced onions in a pan with butter and barbecue sauce to taste.
  9. After 1 hour, remove the sausages and turn off the grill. Place the onions on top of the mash potatoes and the sausage on top of the onions. Add more BBQ sauce if you wish.

Special Tools

  • Fork

Bigger. Hotter. Heavier. Tip

Add bacon to the grill while you are smoking the sausage. Chop and serve as a topping.

Diet Info

  • Flexible Dieting

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