Pit Boss Classic vs Traeger Homestead Comparison

In this Pit Boss vs Traeger comparison we took our one of our top selling models, The Classic and compared features with the Traeger Homestead wood pellet grill which they are selling exclusively on QVC until July 2019. You should quickly see that dollar for dollar, Pit Boss blows away the competition in terms of features, quality, size, and value.

The Pit Boss Classic has more total cooking surface area than the Traeger Homestead (Bigger). The patented SearZone Technology inside the Classic allows our grill to get to higher internal temperatures than the Homestead (Hotter). And our 21 lb capacity hopper allows you to store more pellets than the Homestead, allowing for longer smoke times between replacing the pellets (Heavier!).

At $200 less than the Traeger Homestead, the value and quality choice is crystal clear...you just can't beat The Classic!

Pit Boss Classic vs Traeger Homestead: Features Comparison

Pit Boss Classic Traeger Homestead 520.jpg
Pellet Grill Pit Boss Classic Traeger Homestead
MSRP $369.00 $599.94
Dimensions 26.60in x 44.20in x 43.80in 24in x 49in x 40in
Hopper capacity 21lbs 18lbs
Cooking surface area (sq in) 700 520
Cooking Options 8 in 1 4 in 1
Sear zone plate Y N
Meat probe 2 2
Temperature Range 180°F - 500°F 180°F - 450°F
Burger capacity 32 23
Control H1 Digital Control Center Digital Pro Controller
Lower Shelf Y N
Cooking surface Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Steel
Priming button (to maintain heat) Y N
Pellet purge system Y Y
Warranty 5 year 3 year limited

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