Pit Boss 3 Pack Sampler

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Season your food like a boss with the all new Pit Boss 3 Pack Sampler. This multi-pack will have you making Bigger.Hotter.Heavier® recipes no matter the protein featuring our Prime Beef Rub, Chicken & Poultry Rub and Homestyle Pork Rub.

Prime Beef Rub: This dynamic rub is the perfect flavor combination for all beef dishes. The salty and sweet undertones are enhanced by the savory and spicy taste of garlic, onion and paprika - all wrapped in a blanket of smoky, natural, mesquite hardwood flavor. Use it alone to marinade steaks, rub down a chuck roast, or coupled with your favorite seasoning on a juicy rack of beef ribs.

Chicken & Poultry Rub: When it comes to poultry, the Pit Boss® Chicken & Poultry Rub is irresistible. Our award- winning blend of spices, coupled with onion and garlic, adds the perfect complimentary flavor to your chicken, turkey and other poultry dishes. This versatile seasoning also goes great on veggies or eggs.

Homestyle Pork Rub Great BBQ pork always comes down to a good seasoning. The Pit Boss® Homestyle Pork Rub has smoky and savory flavors that enhance the natural sweetness of pork, making it the perfect rub for ribs, pork shoulder, tenderloins, roasts and more. It’s also great on chicken, veggies and eggs too!

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